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In the stars I will be once I

What's Even The Point When She's Not Around? I Might As Well Sleep .

It's Joever.

It's Nover (Short for November)

We will help you live in the environments and Get cozy! Just call. Our number is 63,000. No less, no more.

Indescribable joy, but does it make sense? The joy is nothing but internal. Is it at least eternal? Or is it just another ephemeral passing.

Am I beans too much?

Help. The guards tell me I'm no one. I shoved a pen into each of their eyes individually, but this only made me even more of a no one to them.

Oh no. It's okay. Oh no no no. It's fine, just fine. Oh dear, it's not supposed to be fine!!!

Innaccuracies will be remedied at a later date. Do not attempt to remedy them yourself, or else you will be subject to arbitrary organ removal.

Oh my.