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i am viba. i am she or they. i was born on October 4 2004; I am therefore 19 years old. I am autistic and do silly things that make no sense.

I mainly engage in programming and conlangs, to varying degrees.

I once gained accidental mild internet notoriety by making GoAnimate videos about fictional terrible operating systems when I was young, so perhaps you might know me for that.

I consider myself to be a weirdly multifaceted and dissociating person who can never decide who the hell they want to be. if you've noticed the inconsistent capitalizaiton of the word "I" across this page, or the inconsistent capitalizaiton accross my site in general, consider this a metaphor for that.

viba thinks computers are interesting and here's why

being born in 2004 it is hardly surprising that I gained a grasp of computers from quite an early age, perhaps 4 or 5. plus the relatively lax parenting I was raised with meant I had virtually unrestriced access to them, for better or for worse.

computers provide the ability to create entire worlds and environments that would be infeasible or outright impossible in the real world. they can create communities that might otherwise never exist. they make it immensely easy to get your creative works seen by people. computers, particularily the internet, may be used for a lot of evil today, but this will never undermine the power to communicate with people instantly across the world, nor the unique artistic medium they provide.

programming languages i like

about the programs I make

much of my interactive computer software is on my page. many of them are parody operating systems because I have a weird fixation with those. others are video games that are usually either very silly or deliberatly terrible.

i make and speak conlangs i think

I first acquired an interest in conlangs around 2014 (age 10). technically speaking, I have made dozens upon dozens of conlangs, but most of them are drafts that were abandoned within hours with at most 12 words. only a lucky few have ever gone anywhere. Sanila, a personal conlang, is the language of mine with the largest vocabulary, and arguably the one I have put the most attention towards.

I also have an interest in "cipherlangs", systematic alterations of existing languages which can be spoken verbally. Viesa is the cipherlang of mine I have put the most attention towards, and I can even speak it fluently.

languages i speak

please talk to me in any and all of these languages im lonely

languages I speak proficiently (for some definition of "proficiently"):

languages I can speak if I have a dictionary on hand


if you are a nice person who wants to tell me something, send me an email to:

I will hopefully respond. maybe.