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years that remind me of oddly specific things

in my mind, the years 2013 and 2014 remind me of the Kevin MacLeod songs "Who Likes To Party" and "Ouroboros" respectively. additionally 2015 reminds me of "Electro Cabello", but for some reason I feel slighty less certain about that one.

"Ouroboros" in turn reminds me of a certain roblox map I experienced in 2014. I think it was called "Venusia" or something, and it was a city consisting of a very old looking section (think of a Renaissance-era Italian city) and a very futuristic sci-fi-esque section; the song reminded me more of the latter. Either it was used in an offical trailer made by the map's creator, or my 10 year old self simply matched the two concepts in their brain somehow. 2014 in general just has a futuristic aura in my mind. incidentally that's also around the time when like every tech company ever was rebranding themselves into a Super Modern and more flat appearance.

I'm not entirely sure about what particular song 2016 would remind me of. if anything 2016 reminds me less of a song, and more general thoughts about me being a silly 11 year old pretending they were a youtube personality, making videos and livestreams, and even having one (1) entire friend who would do livestreams with me sometimes. but in terms of a piece of music the most likely candidate might be "Nostalgia Funfair", a crappy song I made during that year, featuring very off-beat synths and little musical complexity. It was even originally going to have lyrics, describing someone visiting an amusement park in 1985. Thank god I never ended up keeping those.