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Differences between Anti English and Vötgil vocabulary

Vötgil is derived from the little-known Anti English, which itself was derived from Iqglic. Anti English was essentially the reduction of the vocabulary of Iqglic from ~2000 words down to ~600 words, whereas Vötgil would later convert all of the words to have 3 letters each.

While in terms of semantics the vocabularies of Anti English and Vötgil are mostly quite similar, there are some differences. Many words were removed from Anti English, as their meanings could easily be merged into other words or expressed with compound phrases. Many words were added to Vötgil which had no semantic equivalent in Anti English. Assuming I did correctly notice all of the differences (don't count on it), in total 31 of Anti English's 608 words were removed, and 32 new words were added into Vötgil.

Anti English words with no Vötgil equivalent

Anti English words which were split into separate Vötgil words

Anti English words with different part of speech from Vötgil equivalent

Anti English words with Vötgil equivalents derived from a different etymology

Vötgil words with no Anti English equivalent