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Windows Poop Edition 4

The "Woah" Starts Now.

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An infuriating experience all around.

Windows Poop Edition 4 is expertly designed to meet the needs of masochists everywhere. No one knows how to build a crappier computing experience better than CrapOS, and this new release of our Windows PE product line only proves this even further. With many of the same frustrating features from previous versions, while keeping it somewhat mildly fresh with somewhat new and somewhat mildly exciting features, Windows Poop Edition 4 is a refined version of the shitty computing experience you love... or hate.

The New Internet Explorer. Heh, that's an oxymoron if I've ever heard one.

Bundled with our new operating system is a new edition of Internet Explorer, the web browser that hasnt been seriously used in 15 years. Regardless, this version is a MAJOR improvement from the old Internet Explorer C; not only did we MASSIVELY simplify the name by getting rid of that weird letter at the end of it, we also made it actually function as an internet browser! Now it has the ability to access the (totally legit) World Wide Web, a revolutionary new feature never before seen.

Built for Gamers... with really low standards.

We made sure to pack a whole shitton of awesome and epic Video Games with this system; this includes Minecraft and Stick Collector (and we absolutely did NOT bother trying to get these games to have decent performance, so good luck), as well as that new FNAF game that came out a few months ago or something, and the classic Windows games of Solitaire and Minesweeper. Oh and by the way, none of these games are actually very fun. And you can't install any other games, or even uninstall these ones.

A video player. It plays videos.

Windows PE 4 is the first release of Windows PE that can PLAY VIDEOS! Although there's only about 2 preinstalled videos that are less than 30 seconds long and aren't very interesting, so whatever.

A blast from the past. But like, really from the past.

Windows Poop Edition 4 as a whole looks like something that would have been made 15 years ago, as opposed to being a more modernized OS with features like.... uuuhhhhhhhhhh. I'm coming up blank cause we're just so damn out of touch with reality at this point. We spend our lives working in a dark cave somewhere and I haven't seen daylight in years. Help.