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Welcome to the official website of CrapOS. We strive to develop the worst operating systems in the world, just for you.

Our Products

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Our Story

CrapOS began with the release of Barney OS in 1998, an operating system which maliciously spread across thousands of computers and caused approximately $23 dollars worth of damage. It was regarded as the worst operating system ever created, but we didn't stop there. We since developed a long line of crappy operating systems based around childrens show characters using Barney OS as a codebase, which included: Dora OS, Caillou OS, Diego OS, Boots OS, Franklin OS, Justin Bieber OS, and Little Bill OS.

In the mid 2010s, we made a big transition by retiring the Barney OS codebase, paving the way for new CrapOS products based on even crappier technologies than ever before. Using these technologies, we developed CrapOS X, followed by CrapOS 2016 Edition. Both were widely met with not only critisism, but also immense pain and frustration, which we considered a huge success.

By the summer of 2016, a new OS was in development, named CrapOS Legari. However, after a few beta builds were compiled, various complications arose during its development, and progress on this new version of CrapOS silently slowed to a halt. If you're wondering what exactly happened, don't ask because we don't even know what the hell it was.

Shortly after CrapOS Legari faded into nothingness, development began on an entirely new line of CrapOS products, known as Windows Poop Edition. The first version was released in 2017, and it's estimated that at least 12 people have used it and probably suffered extreme torture. Or something like that.

But shortly after Windows PE was released to the world, CrapOS disappeared from the face of the earth for over 4 years. That was, of course, until we came back in 2021 and released Windows Poop Edition 2.0. Ever since then, we have been pumping out new versions of Windows PE with crappier and more painful technologies than ever before, for no reason other than: because we can.

Older Sites

CrapOS-related websites which are no longer being updated, listed here for historical interest.