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hi hello there

graphical representation of viba the pink furry enby

i am viba (preferably pronounced "veeba" and spelt with lowercase letters). i am fluffy little creature who likes cuddles. i am very enby and gay and autistic. my pronouns are she/her or they/them or it/its or ae/aer.

i was born on october 4 2004, which means i am 17 at the time of writing. i live in alberta, canada.

i enjoy doing completely incomprehensible things with my time. this may include things pertaining to conlangs, progamming, and cubing. however, be warned that I am probably not an expert in any of those.

in terms of conlangs, i speak toki pona and practically have a PhD in eisenlangs. i might also speak a bit of esperanto sometimes. i have also made my own conlangs; my two most notable ones are probably viesa and sanila.

in terms of programming, i am not really an expert by any means, but i have technically written computer programs before. mainly i have used Lua to create fake operating system simulators and overly simplistic video games with the LÖVE framework, which can be found on my page. also included in the list of programming languages i have technically used are: scratch, javascript, python, and possibly others that either i'm forgetting or dont really count.

i also have some level of interest in esolangs (esoteric programming languages). i have made a few esolangs myself, although they are mostly considered "esoteric" not because they are necessarily interesting but because why the fuck would you ever use these for an actual project.

i also do rubiks cube things sometimes. as of now, i can solve a 3x3 on average in under 30 seconds, debatably. i hope i'll become good someday.

places i exist

i try to limit my presence on social media platforms because social media is bad. however, these are the places where i exist.

beware that I might not respond to things because interaction is hard.