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i am viba. pronouns are she/they/it. I am 18 years old at the time of writing.

I mainly engage in programming and conlangs, to varying degrees. although, I am less interested in the latter than I used to be.

my vibes may or may not be fluxtuant to a degree. for instance, you may notice the inconsisent capitalization of the word "I" throughout this page.

how and why viba programs computers

I write code for reasons that differ greatly from many others. I did not learn how to program purely out of desparation for a career at some tech corporation. I do not spend my days crossing my fingers hoping Daddy Bezos accepted my job application. I absolutely do not advocate the usage of js frameworks, Microsoft™ Visual Studio™ Code™, and virtually everything pertaining to modern software development. and I certainly do not advocate Web3.

instead, I write code out of an actual interest for computers and their inner workings. I enjoy computers as a medium for creative expression. creating computer art requires only a singular physical tool which I already have readily available. using this instrument, I can not only create a program, but I can also easily disperse it to a potentially wide range of people.


vibaprograms (programs made by viba) are always for artistic purposes only. vibaprograms are never created with the intention of being used for any serious or practical applications. as such, many things that others might call ""good programming practices"" do not apply to my programs in any meaningful way. if my code works well enough (according to my own arbitrary discretion), the code is satisfactory. this may result in programs which have messy source code, or possibly do strange things given strange enough inputs. however, for my specific purposes, these things are usually of little concern.

programming languages i like


if you are a nice person who wants to tell me something, send me an email to:

I will hopefully respond. maybe.