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Allisima Live

A series of YouTube livestreams I used to do, with the first stream (Allisima Live #1) occuring on May 3 2016, and the last (Allisima Live #36) occuring on May 20 2017. It was "replaced" by WTLive following the channel's rebranding as WhileTrue, of which only 2 streams were ever done. (and they were over 4 years apart!)

Many of these streams happen to contain various lost vibamedia, although usually just as thumbnails in a file browser etc. Additionally, during my earlier streams I reacted to some of my old videos, mostly from around 2013-2014, but unfortunately the video's volume was usually turned extremely low while my microphone was turned up WAY too loud.

Lost vibamedia in Allisima Live


Some of my old Youtube Poops were reacted to; others merely remained visible in the file browser.


Episodes 3-5 of ROBLOX Random were reacted to in Allisima Live #4. Episodes 1-2 were already pretty much lost at this time, having only been saved as Windows Live Movie Maker project files which referenced missing video clips.