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incoherent thoughts which i have no excuse to be publishing but which i am publishing anyways

SILC. the half-joke programming language jack eisenmann made like 7 years ago. it has only two data types: 64 bit signed integers, and lists containing said integers. actually I just looked at the page again and realized it also has a third data type, that being function references, but this is not relevant here. strings are thus stored as lists of ascii code points. seems reasonable until you remember that all integers are 64 bits. therefore strings take up 8 times more space than they need to. you know what else took up roughly 8 times more space than it needed to? windows poop edition 1.0. and also technically 1.1 which was just 1.0 but with all the macros and scripting stuff removed because all the places i tried to host the file on kept thinking it was a virus or something. this is why there are certain places where you are supposed to be able to type into a text box but you actually arent. but anyways the extra space was taken up by a two and a half minute .wav file of which only the first 8 seconds was ever actually played. and worse yet it was a sound used for a relatively obscure hidden easter egg where if you clicked on a certain thing the system would go all crazy and for whatever reason reboot into what seemed to be a really old version of windows poop edition with limited colors. if from there you clicked on the start button thats when the aforementioned sound would play and everything would glitch out again. the sound was some arbitrary file i imported into audacity as raw data, which I carelessly exported as a 2 minute .wav file and plopped into the thing. i do not know why this annoys me so much. it annoyed me so much in fact that quite recently I made a patch that removed the unnecessary audio and called it version 1.2. I have no interest in doing this whole "powerpoint os" thing anymore (for reasons which you might be able to guess) but I did this anyway. i would perhaps like to make a version of windows pe 1.0 which does not use powerpoint. either try to port it to LÖVE or make some sort of "powerpoint emulator" that can directly run the original file. the former would probably be easier but might end up less accurate to the original. the latter would be much harder and I doubt I will ever have the energy or investment to do it, but may produce more accurate results (marginally) and I would also be able to easily port other powerpoint OSes. this is something I have been thinking about for months but I have never gotten anywhere with it. I simply do not have energy ever. I have things to be doing instead of writing this weird hyperfixation wall of text that no one is going to care about so I should probably stop doing that and do the other thing. bye.