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Levistics: an overview

i feel as though it is my responsibility to inform others about "levistics"; a concept which is understandably unknown to most humans, as it only has relevance on a planet known as Levia. recently a small group of people, including myself, have began studies on the behavior of the inhabitants of Levia, the Levians. they appear to have behavior that is completely separate from that of a human or any lifeform on Earth (hence why a new term had to be created for this study). thus, it has proven difficult to analyse them. but we are gaining a significant amount of knowledge nonetheless, that which may even prove benificial for humanity in the coming years.

a notable characteristic of Levians is their apparent lack of form. they do not appear to have any sort of shape when you look at them. in fact, they seem to provide a visual experience which is completely unfamiliar to any human mind, and is therefore indescribable. if you look at the planet Levia from certain very specific angles, these visual experiences will occur; one does not necessarily have to be on the planet, or otherwise viewing at a small scale, to see it. it may seem dubious to view these experiences as originating from the presence of any kind of creature; however, when one looks at them, it will immediately become very apparent that this is indeed the case, with no further inspection necessary.

the Levians appear to have built structures of some sort, which come in clusters that appear in various locations around the planet. they seem to move in and out of these structures at an interval of roughly 2 to 3 seconds. however, this is difficult to say for certain, due to the aforementioned "appearance" of the Levians. the purpose of these movements are still unknown.

some of you may be wondering how you can spot Levia for yourself. unfortunately, this knowledge would be nearly impossible to provide. we first spotted Levia following many months of hyperfocused searching, and we wrote several incredibly long documents to record our obversations. but we have somehow completely lost the ability to read them. all we know is that we found a very fascinating planet, which we have since been checking on a daily basis. and we are excited to share more information once we discover it.