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first post but more real

the post titled "first post" was merely a test to see if my code works. so is this one i guess! however, this one will have more legitimate content. probably. arguably.

anyways i finally made "vibalog" a thing after more than a week of procrastinating. i suck too much at programming to make it decent probably, but it technically works! i basically created this so that i can spout whatever meaningless words i want, and people can read them if they really want to! in the past i used Tw*tter for this purpose but we don't talk about that.

posts on vibalog may come in a variety of shapes and sizes. some might be extremely short, while others might be of a length which is "typically expected" from a "blog". some may be in english, while some may not. sometimes i might even write in a Wacky amalgamation of several languages at once if i feel like it! feel free to take that as a threat.

anyway "Stay" "Tuned" for more "Posts" or whatever they say