WhileTrue English Spelling Reform

WielTroo Ingglish Speling Riform


Grapheme Sound
a bat
ah bot
ar bar
ay bay
b bat
ch chat
d dot
dh that
e bet
ee beet
f fat
g get
h hat
i bit
ie tie
j jet
k king
l let
m mat
n net
ng bang
o boat
oo boot
or bore
ou book
ow cow
oy boy
p pat
r rat
s sat
sh shed
t tap
th thin
u but
uh but (at end of word)
ur work
v vat
w wet
y yet
z zap
zh measure


Apostrophes are not written.

There is no symbol for a schwa. The schwa can be written as either u/uh or i. If you do not know what the schwa is, this should not be important.


Dhuh kwik brown fahks jumps ovur dhuh layzee dahg.

Uh fat man wuz runing urownd dhuh stahp sien.

Dhis speling sistim mayks Ingglish speling mor kunsistint, dispiet beeing uh litul uglee.