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Windows Poop Edition 5

Yup, we're making another one. Arriving in 2023 actually, probably not at this point LOL.

Please note that as Windows Poop Edition 5 is in beta, the features described on this page are subject to change.

Try the Public Beta!

A much-needed user interface improvement

Windows Poop Edition 5 improves many aspects of the user interface compared to PE 4. For one, the windows are now actually overlayable and draggable! (Still not resizeable though... even though Crap OS 11 could do that. Maybe when our development team stops procrastinating for once.) In addition, files can now be put on the desktop for easy access, and many parts of the filesystem UI have been made easier to deal with. No more painstakingly typing out entire file paths whenever you open files in programs!

Built directly off of Windows PE 4

This new version of Windows PE is built directly from its predecessor. In fact, even your old files from PE 4 will be preserved with your installation of PE 5! We plan to continue this trend perpetually, so in 20 years when Windows Poop Edition 27 is out, you'll still have your old ass files with you.

A functioning chat application?!

That's right, Windows PE 5 comes bundled with PEChat. No, it's not an exclusive chatroom for Physical Education teachers; it's an app that allows actual real-time communication with fellow Windows PE Users, via the magic of the Internet. Well, except when the servers are broken.

Visible Studio. For developers who like to suffer.

Do you like to write code? Well, prepare to never want to think about programming again! PE 5 includes Visible Studio, the new barely-usable development environment for Windows Poop Edition applications. It will almost certainly crash on you unexpectedly at least several times a day, and plus our operating system's API is a complete mess and has zero documentation, so good luck!